Back to School, healthy guide to start on the right foot

The start of the new academic year is upon us.  Whether your summer was relaxing or frenetic the dwindling heat of summer coupled with the challenges of a new timetable and a spike of social activity can tax the sense of well-being all too quickly.

For those teen/post teens in my family these are the things I encourage them to pay attention to in order to maintain that feel good factor of summer.

Start each day with a glass of fresh water!

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Acid/alkali balance – meat and fish, sugar, diary produce and processed carbohydrates make up a very large part of the average young persons diet.  If your breath, feet or body odour is noticeable and you haven’t been working out, the chances are that your system is too acidic. This is easily rectifiable by eating lots more greens, 2 daily tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar with honey or a dessert spoon of green barley powder in juice (I have juice of half a fresh lemon) with water twice a day.  The vitamin C will help you to keep on top cell repairing condition too.

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Avoid the slippery slope of very regular sugar consumption. To do this means eating protein and vegetable rich meals three times a day.  for extra protein add seeds (including flax fibre) and nuts to breakfast and salads, and unsaturated oils – fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil- onto bread or veg to nourish the brain cells. Try to restrict sugars to after meals on certain days of the week.

Habits – the human body responds very well to following natural rhythms that are common to us all. Energetic cycles in the day mean that different organs of the body are recharging at different times of the day.  Breakfast is best eaten between 7- 9 am, keep clear of fats for morning break when the gall bladder is recharging, finish eating before 9pm to allow for a clear regeneration of the whole cycle of organs in the system. This will also help stabilise the blood sugar in the day.

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by Serge Bertasius on

Waking up at a regular time really helps to maintain a clear head and sleep ins should be reserved for illness. (Though I have to admit to being defeated regularly on getting my teenager out of bed).

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Up your sleeve…. have a packet of Manuka Honeysuckers on hand for those days when your throat feels dry or you feel in need of a boost. A reassuring treat to get you feeling at par again with an immune boost alongside some anti bacterial punch.


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