How to eat Green Bay’s fresh Manuka honeycomb… including the beeswax!

How to eat fresh raw manuka honey comb – by beekeeper and Manuka honey expert Gary Jeffery
Eating comb honey may not appear straight forward, but it’s really very easy. Many people ask “is the beeswax edible?” not realising that you can actually spread the honeycomb on your bread/toast, beeswax and all, or simply cut it into small bite size chunks with a knife and spoon. Just as when you spread the honeycomb, you can eat both the honey and the beeswax. Small chunks of honeycomb are a perfect complement to afternoon tea and look great on the table beside the tea pot.

I eat a honeycomb in the same manner that I eat a flounder (flat fish); removing one side then turning it over to eat from the other side. The reason for this is because sometimes the centre foundation is a bit thicker depending on whether or not the bees used it to draw the comb using wax from it. Below is a short clip showing how I cut up my raw Manuka Honey Comb.

The wax itself can be chewed like a natural chewing gum when you have eaten all the honey. Or you can keep it aside and use it for all sorts of household purposes. To read more about how to use your beeswax see Jo’s Uses of Beeswax article
Gary Jeffreys is one of Green Bay’s favourite apiarists and supplier of raw Manuka honeycomb. 

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