Some Honey a Day Stops Tooth Decay…

It is generally acknowledged that a lot of sweet things are bad for your teeth and gums, so attempting to cure gum disease by eating honey is a little bit ridiculous. Right?


What most people don’t know is that Manuka Honey has powerful antibacterial properties that are actually effective in treating gum disease and preventing tooth decay. When I was a kid, it was drummed into me that sugar rots your teeth and causes cavities. However, the truth is that sugar does not cause tooth decay or gum disease- bacteria does. Although, bacteria feed on sugar so if you eat an excess amount of sweet foods, bacteria will form in your mouth. Once the bacteria finish gobbling up all of the sugar, they go to work on your teeth hand gums. Even though Manuka honey has a high sugar content, it’s natural antibacterial properties destroy any bacteria that may be present in the mouth, preventing gum disease, tooth decay and even bad breath.

13+ Manuka Honey 340g Low Res

Research has shown that Manuka honey contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, which is believed to be one factor in its antibacterial activity. Manuka honey not only curbs dental plaque and bacteria growth but it also reduces the amount of acid produced in the mouth, which stops the bacteria from producing dextran, a component of dental plaque that stubbornly adheres to the surface of the teeth. Manuka Honey has been found to contain the strongest potency of antibacterial properties. In addition to its ability to produce hydrogen peroxide, Manuka Honey also contains another antibacterial compound that has become known as the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) OR Non Peroxide Activity (NPA), making it significantly more potent than other honeys. Manuka Honey is far more effective than other types of honey against bacteria in laboratory testing, even outperforming antibiotics and other traditional forms of medication. Scientists have also discovered that the antibacterial factor found in Manuka Honey is unaffected by enzymes in the body that break down hydrogen peroxide components. Manuka Honey can be used as a natural alternative to mouthwash to freshening breath and destroying bacteria that create mal odor. Unlike alcohol-based mouthwash, Manuka Honey only seems to destroy harmful bacteria, while leaving the good bacteria that should remain in the mouth. You can even put Manuka Honey on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it or simply rub it onto your gums after brushing your teeth.

Now there is some oral care products that contain Manuka Honey as a natural antibacterial agent to both treat and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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2 thoughts on “Some Honey a Day Stops Tooth Decay…

  1. No, sugars in honey feed the bacteria as well, and being diluted by the saliva in your mouth, it is no longer antibacterial. Honey is antibacterial when it is in its natural state, undiluted. Add water and it’s no longer the case. Spread facts, not alternative facts.

  2. Thanks for the information,it will help a lot.Why I search for this was because I took honey and immediately I felt a sharp pain exactly where I have toothache.Thanks

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