What is Creamed Honey?

Beekeepers like to produce honey that is popular and the notion that honey, smooth and buttery, spread on toast is a justifiably delicious association with good honey. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through creaming honey. The creaming process will inhibit the growth of crystals that may naturally occur in the honey and will instead encourage the growth of smaller crystals, thereby giving the honey the desired smooth texture.

The process is amazingly simple and will even work in your own kitchen. Take some fresh honey –  as runny as you like and gently warm it up around 40C, (temperature of the Hive) and introduce a little creamed honey or raw honey of a type that produces small crystals such as clover honey and stir. Leave it to cool down at room temperature for a week!

By giving clear honey smooth crystals it seeks to replicate them naturally. The term is ‘following suit’. The small crystals prevent the formation of larger crystals. It’s very similar to how yogurt and cheese are made, although they use cultures as seed.

Non drip creamed honey is great for kids as it is easy to spoon and not so messy.

At Green Bay we enjoy creamed honey from time to time. We have creamed our blackcurrant honey (coming January 2014) as the natural crystal formation is rapid and the crystals are large giving it a very grainy texture.

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